Welcome to my website, welcome at PFour

Exciting times have arrived. I have the privilege to be able to work as a project lead for a major Cloud transition program. So yet again working at the edge of technological innovation. And that is exactly what I like and where I want to be; it makes me tick. Working with knowledgeable people with a drive and passion... what can be more fun. 

So, when you're looking for an enthusiastic, driven, engaged and social project lead with an insatiable apetite for people, business and technology you are looking for me!  

I've been in ICT all my working life. Even before the term ICT was commonly known. And it was never a bore. Through the years I was granted the chance to contribute to projects in several industries like maintenance, telecom industry, utilities, energy market, health care, services and many other lines of business. Predominantly worked with SAP but also in the line of network technology, service and asset management software and the like.

I strongly believe that guiding a project requires both management skills as well as good knowledge of the topic at hand. For instance, if you work on a project that addresses mobility, tablets, geographical systems and and new asset structure without being knowledgeable on any of these topics, how can you tell the difference between a risk and an opportunity, how do you communicate with you contractor, etc.

My personal oneliner; ICT is the enabler for growth.  

Willing to travel domestic and abroad. Good negotiable rate and years of experience for free!